Conscious Sedation

Today more than ever, patients are aware of the importance of periodontal health and the potential consequences of untreated disease. Despite this increased awareness, patient anxiety and fear concerning treatment can sometimes get in the way of optimal periodontal care. In addition to new treatment options that use refined techniques and improvements in local anesthesia, conscious sedation is available to make your treatment more pleasant and comfortable. This important option has eased the minds of many periodontal patients, and unlocked the benefits of periodontal treatment for those who would have otherwise avoided it.

Our doctors may have recommended conscious sedation as the preferred method of anxiety control to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed during your procedure. Conscious sedation is a safe, drug-induced state in which you are conscious and pleasantly relaxed, yet free of fear, anxiety and apprehension. The use of conscious sedation by an appropriately trained periodontist is safe and effective, and will help you feel comfortable and confident during your periodontal treatment. It is different than general anesthesia and does not carry the inherent risks associated with general anesthesia.

Conscious sedation may be administered through a number of different methods and medications. Our doctors will explain your options and describe the one that is best for you.