Night Guard

Many of our patients who suffer from headaches, jaw-clenching, grinding, neck pain, sore muscles, and fatigue find relief with NTI-tss Plus. It is a small, simple device that fits securely and comfortably on your upper or lower four front teeth and is worn day or night. Wearing the NTI night guard prevents jaw-clenching, the intense muscle contractions of the scalp and jaw that migraine and chronic headache sufferers experience during sleep. This intense muscle activity usually occurs without the sufferer’s knowledge, and has been linked to increased severity and frequency of headache and migraine pain. Wearing the splint also helps protect your teeth from damage caused by clenching, an activity that can wear your teeth down or cause chips and cracks.

The NTI splint is made of a safe, clear, hard thermoplastic material. It’s non-porous so it won’t stain or absorb odors. It’s non-allergenic and easy to care for.